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[edit] Characters

[edit] Major Characters

[edit] MNU Employees

[edit] Dirk Michaels

President and CEO of MNU

[edit] Koobus Venter

General of the MNU Security Force

[edit] Austin Henderson

Founder of Henderson Manufacturing, which becomes MNU.

[edit] Alien Resistance

[edit] Christopher

Writer of the MNUSpreadsLies blog. An "outlander" (AKA non-human) who believes that humans and non-humans should live together in peace. MNU has threatened to shut down his blog. (According to Solonor on the unforums, Christopher's avatar reads "TY" in alien font.) Prior to May 1st, his name was George.

[edit] Blog Commenters

[edit] Aliens/Outlanders

[edit] a comrade

Non-human who supports and encourages George's blogging. Works in District9. Says will soon have some info on more of MNU's harvesting of 'our' technology. Also supports the sabotage and bombings.

[edit] Alexander

Non-human, member of the militant Pro Forma guerilla group, condones radical acts of 'sacrificers', wants Tanukashi to take over in place of MNU security. Posted, "humans are scum."

[edit] Anthony

Non-human. Friend of George. Worked in the mines for MNU, was thinking of joining Pro Forma. Taken into custody by MNU security forces, currently being held in Wittwatersrand Gulag No.4

[edit] Jen

Non-human. Posted, "If you cut George down, there will be 100 more blogs that will crop up in his place."

[edit] Josh

Claims to be an 'alien', posts in both languages. Says he works in the same division of MNU that George does, but that no aliens are dissatisfied there.

[edit] Mary

An outlander who works in D9 but is nervous about causing trouble. Suggests George find a new job in the mines.

[edit] Molly

outlander who says, "please keep your blog up, there are those of us out there who haven't forgot our heritage and our pride." Posted, "Humans are disgusting!" (According to Solonor on the unforums, Molly's avatar reads "Damn" in alien font.)

[edit] Humans

[edit] Alfalfa

Human, sees a big difference in the fact that aliens lay eggs.

[edit] bowlingball76

Human. Believes the blog to be a fake, but also thinks the comments by "MNU Internet Security" are fakes.

[edit] Brandon

Human, dislikes non-humans, posted that they have an "awful stench." Angry about suicide bombings, and not interested in negotiating.

[edit] Brianna

Originally figured the blog was a hoax, later posted that alien exploitation was old news, and sees nothing wrong if it makes things better for humans.

[edit] Candyboy

Human who feels the aliens are not his problem. Doubts the government would listen to citizens anyway, doesn't think emails or boycotts matter. Posted, "Won't be changing my habits anytime soon to help out those creepy crawly aliens."

[edit] Cardinal Mcsorely

Human, hates non-humans. Calls for mass sterilization. Only reads the blog as a "freak show"

[edit] Carlsson

Thinks the blog is a hoax, that humans would never be that cruel to non-humans. Later posts, "we could never consider them as equal to humans", and hopes the MNU security strike teams are real.

[edit] Chris

Human Troll who posts in non-human language. (According to Solonor on the unforums, Chris's avatar reads "Save D9" in alien font.)

[edit] Dale

Supports MNU because they own the Dallas Hammerheads. Whines about rising costs of munitions and gasoline due to alien sabotage. Sees nothing wrong with humans "finding" alien technology and keeping it without compensation.

[edit] Devon

Human, claims to have worked for Tanukashi in the past, says the leaked memo is a fake because the letterhead is wrong.

[edit] Dorothy

Human, hates non-humans, especially after their suicide bombing, posts that they should be exterminated.

[edit] Doubtful

Human who resents the aliens for being here at Earth's expense. Thinks George is an unstable alien worker posting lies. Feels MNU is doing a good job and doesn't want Tanukashi stepping in.

[edit] Ellie

Human who works for MNU in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Believes the entire blog to be fake.

[edit] Frank

MNU-supporting human, glad to see George fired from his job.

[edit] Heebie Jeebies

Human, posted in English, "Aliens are creepy."

[edit] Joey

Human, a student living in Sydney, Australia. Supports giving aliens equal rights. Asks about population control policies and the destruction of non-human eggs.

[edit] John

Presumed human in the United States. Doubts that George worked for MNU when the blog began, thinks the blog and the Tanukashi memo are all fake. Posts that he's has "had nothing but good experiences" as a patient at the MNU health care center in D.C.

[edit] Kyle

Sympathetic human. Vacationed in 'Joburg' one summer with family, and visited the D9 crash site. (Also complains about Chris the troll.)

[edit] Lester

One post in English: "I really hope this blog just shuts down now. We don't need this kind of whining and troublemaking on the internet."

[edit] Lizzy

Human, posting in both languages. Disgusted by description of "slaughter slop" as alien food, but isn't willing to give up products to support the boycott. Silly comments like, "I'm going to work for MNU when I grow up!"

[edit] Mason

Human. Mocks the boycott effort. Puts down the aliens with a comment about they can't differentiate their own children from their neighbors'.

[edit] Mikaela

Human. Posted one comment in English: "I heard the aliens are both at once MALE and FEMALE! Yuck!!!"

[edit] Missy

Human, believes in human superiority and alien segregation. Grossed out to learn that her dog's food is made by aliens. Glad when George was fired from his job, thinks he deserved it.

[edit] Mitchell Hoffman, JD

Human, appears to be a legal counsel, and anti-MNU. Recommends that George contact "the AATC Legal Fund" to further investigate the matter of Mike's abuse on the job.

[edit] MNU Internet Security

Claims to be MNU, appears to be a troll. Posted that he found George posting from IP address 12.354.4544.23, located in C quadrant in District 9.

[edit] Pamela

Human, full name probably Pamela Sikander. A reporter researching MNU's abuse of non-humans, wants to interview George for an article. Email:

[edit] Pappy

Human who used to work at a MNU manufacturing plant in Lubbock, TX.; agrees that MNU corporation is "up to no good." Suspicious that Pam wasn't a real reporter.

[edit] Quentin Markam, ACLU

Legal counsel for non-human rights with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Favors peacefully incorporating sentient aliens into our society with same equivalent rights as humans. Found Anthony held in Wittwatersrand Gulag No.4, and is working to get him processed out. Disapproves of sabotage, invites George to come in for consultation.

[edit] Robbie

Sympathetic human, agrees that MNU is corrupt and needs to be brought down. Feels that global conglomerates are all the same, and that Tanukashi will be no different. (Also pointed out the format on that posted IP address isn't real.)

[edit] Sister Carrie

Sympathetic human, posted in both English and outlander language. Wants to know more about the truth within District9 and how to help. Prays for peace. Was shocked by the violence caused by Pro Forma, and is glad George has left them.

[edit] Smart Lucy

Opionated human: harvesting alien tech = good; whiny presumptuous aliens = bad; direct democracy does not work, but people can affect the profits of businesses in influential positions in society; "F.U. aliens."

[edit] Susie

Human, seems sympathetic. Does not want George joining Pro Forma because they are dangerous. Says, "Tanukashi makes great products, better than MNU," and thinks they could "clean up this whole situation."

[edit] The Dude

Human, with nephews going hungry and living in the slums of Joburg caused by the crash. Extreme hate of aliens, doesn't want them to have rights. Wonders what the aliens were running away from when they came to Earth. Sees the list of products and companies for the boycott and instead plans to patronize them more.

[edit] T.I

Human, claims to work for Tanukashi. One post in English: "The memo's from me. It's real. We will deal with the aliens in a reasonable manner. You WANT us there."

[edit] Zoe

Human. Bored with the blog at first. Doesn't happen to use MNU products, so considers self to be innocent, distanced from alien conditions. Posted after the bombings, "I hate you aliens." Heard on the news about the protesters in the video getting arrested.

[edit] undetermined species

[edit] Yuri

arms dealer (could be an outlander, or could be human writing in alien language). Selling a P55 blaster. Email: (According to Solonor on the unforums, Yuri's avatar reads "I hate MNU" in alien font.)

[edit] Chuck

Posted one comment in outlander language, hopes Tanukashi really does take over.

[edit] Guy Fawkes

spammer? "Come to Five Star Home Improvement Centers for 15% off garden hoses the first week of September!!!" posted in English. Note that this is presumeably a competitor to the 'You Build It' Home Improvement Centers which are owned by MNU and on the boycott list.

[edit] Other Characters

[edit] Chester

In George's blog entry from December 2007, George reprints a letter sent in by Chester, an outlander who works in another division of MNU within District9 as a parts tester in division #63 quadrant 2.

[edit] David

David, an outlander, is mentioned in Chester's letter to George, reprinted in the blog entry from December 2007. Their supervisor came into work drunk and used an electric cattle prod to burn David so badly that he didn't return to work for two weeks.

[edit] Mike

In George's blog entry "A Sad Story" from October 2007, he writes about Mike, a fellow outlander working with George on the job moving pallets. Mike was beaten by the loading foreman, resulting in permanent injury to his arms.

[edit] Oliver

non-human, child of Christopher, mentioned on 2008.01.05 entry. Possibly the child featured with Christopher.

[edit] Sherry

non-human, child of Christopher, mentioned on 2008.01.05 entry.

[edit] Steve

In the blog comments from November 2007, one comment refers to "Steve above", but there is instead a duplicate of Kyle's comment ascribed to Pappy. (This appears to be an error with the database.) Ellie's comment says she agrees with Steve, that MNU is a caring, responsible company.

[edit] Emily Trenton

In a news blurb on the website, there is a picture of a child, Emily Trenton, 12-year-old human girl, missing and suspected kidnapped by a non-human. (July 25, 2008) (Note: Any connection to any real individual who may share the same name is clearly and purely coincidental)

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