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The District 9 ARG is an alternate reality game created by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Trigger LA to promote District 9, an upcoming sci-fi film directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson.

The story (so far)

On April 14, 1989, humanity makes first contact with alien life when a spaceship crashes near Johannesburg, South Africa. Four months later, the American corporation Multi-National United is hired to provide law enforcement for District 9, a special region of Johannesburg where the ship's passengers (known as "non-humans") are slowly being integrated into human society. As MNU gains more and more authority over the district, it begins imposing an oppressive, apartheid-like system of laws which deprives non-humans of their rights.

Recently, though, the non-humans are beginning to lash out. While some, like an individual known as "George," express their thoughts about MNU through mostly peaceful methods, others, like the militant group Pro Forma, seek freedom through any means neccesary, including acts of violence against humans.

District 9 Trailer

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