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District 9 Wiki

NEWS (March 20, 2009) (edit)


A quick summary of the story so far


A list of important events that occurred over the course of the ARG


The various individuals involved in the story


Email Addresses

  • MNUPrivacy@multinationalunited.com
  • HumanResources@MultiNationalUnited.com
  • pamsikander@mail.com - Pamela Sikander, a reporter interested in exposing MNU's cruelty
  • armsdealer@mail.blogspot.com - "Yuri," a non-human illegally selling alien weaponry
  • George@mnuspreadslies.com


How to download the font of the Non-Humans

  • First you have to open a new Tab
  • Then go on this site [1]
  • Download it on pressing the Non-Human font
  • Open the zip. folder and then the program in it
  • Press download
  • To use the font, open your Editor or something like that
  • Go to Fonts and search for: D9 non-humans
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