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 +{| style="float:right;border:3px outset black;"
 +|align="center" style="background:#000099;color:white;"|NEWS (July 23, 2008)
 +*(New Site) From a bathroom sign at San Diego Comic Con, <br />[[D-9.com]] is found.
 +*(New Site) [[Multinationalunited.com]] is found by attempting <br />to access restricted content twice.
 +*(New Site) [[Mathsfromouterspace.com]] is found from the <br />Privacy Policy on Multinationalunited.com
 +*(New Site) Graffiti in one of the news reports on D-9.com <br />leads to [[Mnuspreadslies.com]].
=== [[Timeline]] === === [[Timeline]] ===

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NEWS (July 23, 2008)


A list of important events that occurred over the course of the ARG


The various individuals involved in the story



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